A simple framework for contrastive learning phases of matter [article]

Xiao-Qi Han, Sheng-Song Xu, Zhen Feng, Rong-Qiang He, Zhong-Yi Lu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
A main task in condensed-matter physics is to recognize, classify, and characterize phases of matter and the corresponding phase transitions, for which machine learning provides a new class of research tools due to the remarkable development in computing power and algorithms. Despite much exploration in this new field, usually different methods and techniques are needed for different scenarios. Here, we present SimCLP: a simple framework for contrastive learning phases of matter, which is
more » ... ed by the recent development in contrastive learning of visual representations. We demonstrate the success of this framework on several representative systems, including classical and quantum, single-particle and many-body, conventional and topological. SimCLP is flexible and free of usual burdens such as manual feature engineering and prior knowledge. The only prerequisite is to prepare enough state configurations. Furthermore, it can generate representation vectors and labels and hence help tackle other problems. SimCLP therefore paves an alternative way to the development of a generic tool for identifying unexplored phase transitions.
arXiv:2205.05607v1 fatcat:yaa4imprsfdzrdcc6zvttykz3u