Three Creative Encounters: Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and Authority in American Convert Communities [thesis]

Reid Elizabeth Meador
acknowledgements Many thanks to Peter Gottschalk for grounding my thoughts in theory and for pushing me to articulate my ramblings in concise sentences (I do not envy that task); My family-Mom, Dad, and Graham-for sharing my sense of humor and for indulging me when you don't, and for supporting me with so much love; Poppy for the letters and thought-provoking conversations; My housemates, particularly Rachel and Em, for singing and dancing in the kitchen, for your support through the dark final
more » ... hours, and for tolerating firsthand the alarming deterioration of both my social skills and my wrists; The members of 84 Gnomes (Leo the Lion, RayRo, BennyDocter, Fran(zia), and G-Baby-my favorite gnomes) for providing the best second home I could imagine and for an endless supply of food, snuggles, dancing, and sleepovers; All of my friends, especially KellyToy, my thesis buddy and all-around partner-in-crime; Sinead, Kayla, and Sarah-the megabed support group; Brendan for giving me cheese when I most needed it; Jenessa for laughing meditation and dogs; Hannah and Leah for perspective and pickles in Olin; WesWings coworkers for laughs; WesRugby for rucking and mauling; Mo for the keyboard and lasagna; Ethan for the road trip and other Buddhist adventures; and Chase for the bleached hair; Ellie for reading so many pages; My professors over the years who cultivated my beginner's mind, and those who gave me suggestions for this thesis, particularly Professors
doi:10.14418/wes01.1.1061 fatcat:xem3cdvxwzg5pmxvdwlugvma74