Continuum Mechanical Parameterisation of Cytoplasmic Dynein from Atomistic Simulation

Benjamin S. Hanson, Shinji Iida, Daniel J. Read, Oliver G. Harlen, Genji Kurisu, Haruki Nakamura, Sarah A. Harris
2020 Methods  
Cytoplasmic dynein is responsible for intra-cellular transport in eukaryotic cells. Using Fluctuating Finite Element Analysis (FFEA), a novel algorithm that represents proteins as continuum viscoelastic solids subject to thermal noise, we are building computational tools to study the mechanics of these molecular machines. Here we present a methodology for obtaining the material parameters required to represent the flexibility of cytoplasmic dynein within FFEA from atomistic molecular dynamics
more » ... D) simulations, and show that this continuum representation is sufficient to capture the principal dynamic properties of the motor.
doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2020.01.021 pmid:32007556 fatcat:cilnlg2otrdrxmr3bdev2lxw4a