Prospective Sky Guides - Developing Future Pilot Vision Aids

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A c k n o w l e d g m e n t s 'Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so' Douglas Adams The above quotation seemed particularly apt to a thesis that is concerned with a theory the primary dimension of which is measured using time and to the author who has had to find the time to write it. No PhD thesis is truly a solo effort and the author wishes to express sincere appreciation to Professor Gareth D. Padfield who provided an escape from his (the author's) 'wilderness years' and the opportunity
more » ... fulfill a longheld but dormant ambition in one go. The entire Flight Science & Technology Research Group has, at some time, provided much needed assistance but a few special mentions are deserved. The first is Dr. Mark White who has continuously imparted the technical and political knowledge required to make the research project happen in an academic environment. The second mention must go to Dr. Ben Lawrence who has provided tireless guidance through the mysteries that FLIGHTLAB can present to a newcomer. Mr. Heath Lockett must be congratulated on his mastery of the eye-tracking equipment, leaving the author one less thing to sort out. On the same note, Dr. Keith Nuttall must be both thanked and congratulated on his perseverance with the manual analysis of the eyetracker video footage. Mr. Steve Bode deserves an honourable mention as the provider of outside world databases and assorted 3-D models. The final mention must go to the three women in my life: my wife, Kath, my daughter, Emily and my mum, Ann. They have provided the support, space and a much needed series of reality checks that have ultimately made this research possible. Normal service will now be resumed. ab db da (when considering aerodynamic coefficients) xiii
doi:10.17638/03082390 fatcat:gdiicc57hvhuhcqspi4j4an6na