Identifying and Analyzing Causes of Violence against Women in Shan Migrant Communities According to NGO Workers and Shan Migrant Women in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jessica W. Counsell
2016 ASR Chiang Mai University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities  
T his study examines the intersecting phenomena of violence against women and migration within the context of Shan migrants living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while also analyzing best practices in addressing violence against women among the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that serve this migrant population. Through semi-structured personal interviews, participant observation, and a conceptual framework arguing the role of intersectional identities in instances of violence
more » ... women, the research shows how Shan migrant women primarily map violence taking place in the broader community under conditions that blame the victim. In contrast, NGO workers view the largest threats of violence inside intimate relationships due to unequal gender power-relations. Apparent discrepancies in definitions and locations of violence are strongly linked to long-established gender regimes that enshroud the identities of Shan migrant women, and affect NGOs' abilities to serve this population. The researcher argues for an intersectional approach to addressing violence against migrant women and recommends more feminist-centered training for NGO workers.
doi:10.12982/cmujasr.2016.0006 fatcat:ijqqxvbq5jgofb6uj6jt2xg7um