Design on Urban Water Supply Pipe Network Accident Reasoning System based on FCR

Yongchang Ren, Jiao Zhang, Ying Zhao, Chunqiang Li
2017 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Economics, Management Engineering and Education Technology (ICEMEET 2016)   unpublished
In order to do a good job in water supply network accident emergency need to build a perfect emergency decision system, improve the disposal of the response capacity of pipe network accident, when the pipeline accidents timely and effectively organize manpower and material resources. According to the characteristics of the urban water supply pipeline accident is difficult to detect, assistant decision-making system design based on the FCR reasoning. Using the technology, based on the fuzzy
more » ... d on the fuzzy reasoning based on case reasoning skills and rule-based reasoning technology, three kinds of technologies such as hybrid reasoning mechanism, play the advantages of three kinds of technology, to overcome the shortcomings of traditional reasoning technology, to detect whether the water supply network accident as the ultimate goal, overcome the shortcomings of traditional reasoning technology, at the same time improve the efficiency and effect of reasoning system.
doi:10.2991/icemeet-16.2017.202 fatcat:dkroduz6xna5vev5xzgnqvfp7e