Design of a Substation Secondary Equipment-Oriented Error Prevention System Using Wireless Communication Technology and Edge Node Cooperation

Yiran Ren, Jian Cheng, Jie Chen
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
In order to solve the error prevention problem of secondary equipment in intelligent substations, this paper designs the Substation Secondary Equipment- (SSE-) oriented error risk Prevention, Control, and Management (P&C&M) system. Firstly, the basic principle of SSE error prevention is reviewed. The SSE model is expanded based on the existing microcomputer error prevention system's Substation Primary Equipment (SPE). Thereupon, the SSE status acquisition device is designed, and the overall
more » ... itecture is implemented for SSE error prevention. Secondly, edge-node cooperation is analyzed along with the specific architecture of the edge gateway. Finally, the wireless communication network is designed based on the edge gateway. The delay and flow of different data streams are compared, and the error proof verification mechanism is introduced into SSE. The numerical results corroborate that when the Sampled Value (SV) traffic exceeds 32 Mbps, the maximum delay exceeds the specified delay (3 MS). The average flow of the Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) message is 90 kbps, which can meet the requirements of the intelligent substation. The delay of star networking is higher than that of ring networking. Meanwhile, the proposed network analyzer has a measured flow closer to the calculated flow of SSE. In the 60-hour accuracy statistics, the proposed SSE-oriented error P&C&M system reaches an accuracy as high as 84%. Therefore, the proposed SSE-oriented error P&C&M has strong feasibility. The outcome provides a reference for the intelligent development of error prevention of secondary equipment in intelligent substations.
doi:10.1155/2022/6249549 doaj:15b33c90bc9c4d8dbfdbb37bb843f4e2 fatcat:rdedayvemja6ta6xqx2p4kd6ca