Generation of High-Purity Higher-Order Laguerre-Gauss Beams at High Laser Power

L. Carbone, C. Bogan, P. Fulda, A. Freise, B. Willke
2013 Physical Review Letters  
We have investigated the generation of highly pure higher-order Laguerre-Gauss (LG) beams at high laser power of order 100W, the same regime that will be used by 2nd generation gravitational wave interferometers such as Advanced LIGO. We report on the generation of a helical type LG33 mode with a purity of order 97% at a power of 83W, the highest power ever reported in literature for a higher-order LG mode.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.110.251101 pmid:23829725 fatcat:jkkiajcyyzckhmrlup57qrc3qq