Study On Risk Handling Strategy Of Road Contruction Projects In Jayapura City

S Irianto, Mabuy
Project risk is an event or an uncertain condition, which if it appears will have a threat on the project object. Many contractors still do not understand the threats that occur in the project, they still assume that risks are always harmful. Based on data from the Papua Public Works procurement service that the implementation of road improvement projects always faces problems. This research is an explorative and descriptive study, which explores the risks / threats that occur in the project
more » ... m the contractor's perspective in Jayapura, Papua Province Indonesia. The object of this research is the company (contractor) involved in the implementation of road improvement project in Jayapura, whereas the respondent is the project manager and the field supervisor involved in the implementation of road improvement project, The analysis result shows that the overall level of risk is in very low category, and the biggest risks affecting contractors in sequence are; (1) material delays from suppliers, (2) material inventories, (3) design difficulties, (4) incorrectly shipped material volumes, (5) changes to specifications by the owner, (6) difficulty in obtaining materials and equipment, (7) material price increases, (8) over quality, (9) damage to machine tools, (10) weakening the bearing capacity of subgrade soil. While the response to risks / threats that occur in road improvement projects is to reduce and avoid.