Ski piste snow ablation versus potential infiltration (Veporic Unit, Western Carpathians)

Michal Mikloš, Dušan Igaz, Karol Šinka, Jana Škvareninová, Martin Jančo, Ilja Vyskot, Jaroslav Škvarenina
2020 Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics  
Snow production results in high volume of snow that is remaining on the low-elevation ski pistes after snowmelt of natural snow on the off-piste sites. The aim of this study was to identify snow/ice depth, snow density, and snow water equivalent of remaining ski piste snowpack to calculate and to compare snow ablation water volume with potential infiltration on the ski piste area at South-Central Slovak ski center Košútka (Inner Western Carpathians; temperate zone). Snow ablation water volume
more » ... tion water volume was calculated from manual snow depth and density measurements, which were performed at the end of five winter seasons 2010–2011 to 2015–2016, except for season 2013–2014. The laser diffraction analyzes were carried out to identify soil grain size and subsequently the hydraulic conductivity of soil to calculate the infiltration. The average rate of water movement through soil was seven times as high as five seasons' average ablation rate of ski piste snowpack; nevertheless, the ski piste area was potentially able to infiltrate only 47% of snow ablation water volume on average. Limitation for infiltration was frozen soil and ice layers below the ski piste snowpack and low snow-free area at the beginning of the studied ablation period.
doi:10.2478/johh-2019-0026 fatcat:gcueoyri45ahtacnmhjig67hqu