Лингвокультурологический анализ метафоры в политических карикатурах США и Великобритании

А.В. Петрова
The article focuses on the linguocultural analysis of political cartoons. By means of the above-mentioned analysis one can investigate not only the substantive aspects of the structure and content but also identify the potential pragmatics of creolized texts. The major part of the article is devoted to the detailed authorial linguocultural analysis of the cognitive scene. The contributor underlines the value of this methodology firstly due to the holistic description of formal and semantic
more » ... l and semantic components in multimodal texts, secondly to the identification of the pragmatic potential. As a result of the study the author draws contrastive and comparative conclusions.
doi:10.25688/2076-913x.2021.41.1.13 fatcat:fmn6des4mnharju6mijzjde3pa