Simulation data and software scripts used in calculus of ∆36 signature from EMAC clumped O2 isotope-inclusive model [dataset]

Sergey Gromov, Thomas Röckmann
2019 Zenodo  
This publication contains simulation data and software scripts for calculating quantities related to clumped oxygen isotope signature (∆36) derivation, as described in the "static" framework of Yeung‍ et‍ al. (2016), hereinafter "Y16") and subsequently used in Yeung‍ et‍ al.‍ (2019) analysis. We provide the output of the 1950–2011 transient simulation with EMAC model with explicit "dynamic" simulation of ∆36 (i.e. 18O18O isotopologues undergoing transport, mixing and O(3P)-mediated isotope
more » ... ibration) to demonstrate the importance of several assumptions/simplifications involved in the static calculus. Please refer to .README.pdf for details.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3550950 fatcat:wr3yb626rbcxpl3q5c2ihn6lga