Prediction of Soil and Water Loss in Construction Period of Agang Reservoir Hub Project Area

Jian-ming HUANG, Yun-ping CHEN
2019 DEStech Transactions on Environment Energy and Earth Science  
The construction of the reservoir project will lead to an increase in the soil erosion modulus of the project site and a corresponding increase in soil erosion. By determining the prediction period, content and method of soil erosion. Quantitative prediction of soil erosion during construction period based on relevant regulations and collected data. The forecast results provide a basis for the subsequent deployment of soil erosion control measures. At the same time, it provides scientific basis
more » ... and technical support for the rational arrangement of soil and water conservation and ecological restoration measures of the project. Research Background The harm of soil erosion is mainly reflected in the ecological environment, economic construction, personal property and other aspects, and its consequences have a great impact on human production and construction activities [ The construction of the reservoir project can promote the rational use of water resources [5] ,but according to the purpose of reservoir construction, the site selection of the reservoir construction is mostly located in the alpine valley, and the construction period is long. In the construction of dam foundation excavation, diversion construction, cofferdam filling and demolition, the amount of earth and stone is huge, and the original landform and vegetation are seriously damaged. In addition, due to the weak awareness of construction workers' soil and water conservation and the illegal operation of construction units, the construction of reservoir projects often causes a large amount of soil erosion, which has a bad impact on the ecological environment surrounding the project [6] . Mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, surface excavation chang the original landform and aggravat soil erosion [7] . Second, block river reservoirs and obstruct river floods [8] . Third, destroy the living environment of animals and plants, occupy cultivated land, and increase the pressure of immigration [9] . Fourth, reduce the self-purification ability of river water bodies [10] . Therefore, through the study of the division of the soil erosion control zone of the Agang Reservoir Hub Project, the main time period and area of the occurrence of the loss, and the design of the control measures system. Summarize the general system of water and soil conservation measures for the water conservancy project for reference and application of other similar reservoir construction. It has important practical significance for reducing soil erosion caused by water conservancy project construction.
doi:10.12783/dteees/icepe2019/28926 fatcat:w54vctwknfa7tlzuqxxswy4e4a