The Production Of 45Ca From The Isotopes Of Titanium At 350 Mev

Dennis Swauger
45 47 48 Cross sections for the production of Ca from Ti, Ti, 49 50 Ti, and Ti were experimentally measured using 350 MeV protons. This work was performed in order to determine i f the direct knockout 4 of He clusters contributes significan tly to the intermediate energy reaction cross sections of these medium weight nuclei. The cross 49 50 sections show a significant increase at the Ti and Ti isotopes, 4 4 showing that the reactions (p, p He) and (p, p He n) are probably contributing to the measured cross sections.
doi:10.21220/s2-xsxy-xj92 fatcat:glbvhzzqvfaghotagbgvcpyxmy