Defining a notation for usability-oriented interaction and navigation modeling for interactive systems

Anna Marques, Simone Diniz, Junqueira Barbosa, Tayana Conte
Modeling the interaction and navigation of an interactive system can assist designers in making decisions about how the users will be able to achieve their interaction goals. However, there is a lack of proposals to: (1) deal with interaction and navigation in an integrated way and (2) deal with usability features in interaction and navigation modeling. In this paper, we propose a usability-oriented interaction and navigation model to improve the quality in use of interactive systems. We
more » ... e the feasibility of the model through a study with three participants with experience in using models in industry, teaching models and carrying out academic research about models. Our main contributions are: (1) a knowledge base about the existing solutions for the problem, (2) the USINN (Usability-oriented Interaction and Navigation) model, (3) a preliminary evaluation about the feasibility of USINN, (4) the evolution of the USINN notation based on the results of the feasibility study, and (5) the definition of the USINN metamodel.