Central venous catheters for chemotherapy of solid tumors--our results in the last 5 years

Mirko Zganjer, Ante Cizmić, Diana Butković, Martina Matolić, Maja Karaman-Ilić, Jasminka Stepan
2008 Collegium Antropologicum  
Central venous catheters provide an easy access for intravenous medications. Having a central line in place will relieve a child from the discomfort and danger of multiple regular intravenous lines for chemotherapy. The use of indwelling central venous catheters has become commonplace in the management of children undergoing oncological treatment. There are two types of central lines commonly used. There are Broviac catheters and Port-A-Cath (PAC) catheters. In the last 5 years we inserted 194
more » ... rs we inserted 194 catheters in 175 children. We inserted 121 Broviac catheters and 73 PAC catheters. During the follow up of 39382 catheter days 44 complications were observed. In Broviac group the median follow up was 155 days and in PAC group was 230 days. We observed differences in the incidence between two devices. In Broviac group infections were more frequent and in PAC group other complications were more frequent than infections.
pmid:18982750 fatcat:zq42a2whmrgfjchrpnp4mx6vu4