Synthesis of carboxymethyl-chitosan/acrylic acid hydrogel using silane crosslinker

Tariq Yasin, Nadia Rasool, Zareen Akhter
2008 E-Polymers  
AbstractNovel pH sensitive carboxymethyl (CM) chitosan/acrylic acid hydrogels were prepared. CM-chitosan and acrylic acid (AA) in aqueous solution were copolymerized and crosslinked by using vinyltriethoxysilane (VTESi). Different amounts of AA and crosslinker were incorporated in CM-chitosan/AA hydrogel. IR analysis confirmed the presence of pyranose ring as well as Si-O-Si linkage within the hydrogel. Thermogravimetric analysis showed an increase in the stability of hydrogel either having
more » ... l either having high AA ratio or high crosslinker ratio. The swelling of the hydrogels was carried out by investigating the effect of time, pH (buffered and nonbuffered) and ionic media. In non-buffered media the overall swelling was found to be high as compared to buffered media. Maximum swelling was observed in hydrogel having mass ratio of 7.0 (AA : CM-chitosan). This hydrogel showed low swelling in low pH similar to that of the stomach and high swelling in neutral pH similar to that of the small intestine and can be used in drug delivery applications
doi:10.1515/epoly.2008.8.1.1636 fatcat:fpie2qyi55eszijm5jtba2iude