Digital Jewellery: An Upcoming Technology

L Gladence, Shefali Yadav, Roopini
Jewellery has been a fascination for people of all ages since the inception of civilization. Although it serves a minimalistic purpose of just adorning ourselves, we've always been fond of it. In the modern age, our entire life is encompassed by and completely encapsulated under the effect of computers, tablets and other electronic gadgets. In recent years, researchers have tried to bridge the gap between fashion and technology and so in the next age of computing, there will be an explosion of
more » ... omputer parts across our bodies, rather than across our desktops. The latest computer fixation has been to be able to wear wireless computers. The combination of microcomputer devices and waxing computer power has allowed several companies to begin producing fashion jewellery with embedded intelligence i.e., Digital Jewellery. The whole concept behind it is to be able to communicate to others by means of wireless appliances. The other key factor of this concept market is to stay trendy at the same time. This paper reveals the concept and the idea behind the digital jewellery by showcasing other miniature devices that could be worn. These pint-sized devices are called "Wearable Computers". The definitions, history, advantages, and limitation of these portable devices are also mentioned.