Investigation of electrical properties of PANI/chalcogenide junctions

Vinodini Shaktawat, Dinesh Patidar, Kananbala Sharma, Narendra Saxena, Thansewar. Sharma
2009 Open Chemistry  
AbstractPure Polyaniline (EB) and Polyaniline doped with different protonic acids (ESs) were chemically synthesized using ammonium peroxydisulphate (APS) as an oxidant. Junctions have been prepared by evaporating chalcogenide materials (ZnSe, CdSe) on conducting polyaniline (EB & ESs) pellets using a vacuum evaporation technique. I–V characteristics of junctions have been studied at room temperature using the Keithley electrometer 6517A. I–V measurements show the rectification effect. A
more » ... ation effect. A junction of ES[PO43−] may be preferred over the other junctions due to its low ideality factor and maximum rectification ratio.
doi:10.2478/s11532-009-0072-5 fatcat:k2oc5vbmjvettlxalkokmerumu