Effect of Grinding Time on the Particle Size Distribution Characteristics of Tuff Powder

Shuhua LIU, Hao WANG, Hongling WANG
2021 Medžiagotyra  
We study the grinding dynamic behavior and particle size distribution (PSD) characteristics of tuff powder. With the analysis of particle size and data of activity test, the results indicate that tuff powder is easy to be ground for the coarse-grained while is difficult for the fine-grained. It is feasible to quantitatively express the milling process of tuff powder by Divas-Aliavden milling dynamic equation. The milling speed and the milling time are negatively correlated, and the grinding
more » ... nd the grinding efficiency is minimized after 60 min. Equivalent particle size (EPS) is positively linearly correlated with the logarithm of grinding time, while specific surface area (SSA) is inversely correlated, both of them have a highly linear correlation. The PSD of tuff powder, which complies well with the Rosin-Rammler-Bennet (RRB) distribution model, has typical fractal characteristics, and its fractal dimension is also positively correlated with the milling time.
doi:10.5755/j02.ms.23526 fatcat:rsr3inf4ungzvejmetjz2dfwvm