The Vertical Propeller

1846 Scientific American  
IrfTR8nucTloN.-There h ave appeared, in EXPLANATION.-The first row of geer volves; the surface between the figures, being inders, because they recelve the colors from modern times, but few machines, to which wheels, A B, are attached to the ends of a row cut away to the depth of one eighth of an the hoppers or reservoirs, M N. and impart more importance apparently attaches, than to of cylinders, each cylinder being 30 inches inch. Each of these printing cylinders conthem to the series below.
more » ... cylinders of the one here presented. It is well know n that long, and 3 inches in diameter. Th ese cylin-tains sections of the figures to be printed, and the third and fourth rOWil, are covered with t he b est paper hanging s , or roompapers comder ! support a broad, endless apron or belt, is calculated to work a different color from the cloth, and the bottom of each hopper is 80 mand from $1 to $1,50 per piece, o f eight which passes over the whole series, and supothers ; and the sections of figures on each nicely fitted to its respective cylinder, that but yards, while most of those of American manu-, ports the litrip of paper as it passes through cylinder are calcu lated to match those of the a small quantity of each color (which passe.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10101846-20c fatcat:2dkoyhuon5dane5dztubc22r3q