The functional organisation of the hippocampus along its long axis is gradual and predicts recollection [article]

Izabela Przezdzik, Myrthe Faber, Guillén Fernández, Christian F. Beckmann, Koen V. Haak
2018 biorxiv/medrxiv   pre-print
AbstractUnderstanding the functional organisation of the hippocampus is crucial for understanding its role in cognition and disorders in which it is implicated. Different views have been proposed of how function is distributed along its long axis: one view suggests segregation, whereas the alternative view postulates a more gradual organisation. Here, we applied a novel 'connectopic mapping' data-analysis approach to the resting-state fMRI data of participants of the Human Connectome Project,
more » ... nnectome Project, and demonstrate that the functional organisation of the hippocampal longitudinal axis is gradual rather than segregated into parcels. In addition, we show that inter-individual variations in this gradual organisation predicts variations in recollection memory better than a characterisation based on parcellation. These results present an important step forward in understanding the functional organisation of the human hippocampus and have important implications for translating between rodent and human research.
doi:10.1101/428292 fatcat:7mfh7ibybrfzfnibkeaf7psj4y