XXXIX.—The maximum pressure of naphthalene vapour

Richard William Allen
1900 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
THE formation of naphthalene during the carbonisation of coal in gas works is a source of much trouble to gas engineers, for the naphthalene, finding its way into the pipes, forms deposits which obstruct the passage of the gas. The systematic study of the causes and means of prevention of such deposits necessitates a n exact knowledge of the amount of naphthalene required to saturate a given volume of any gas at various temperatures and consequently of the maximum pressure of naphthalene vapour
more » ... naphthalene vapour at such temperatures. The only measurements of the maximum vapour pressure of naphthalene hitherto carried out are those by Naumann (Bey., 1871, 4,647) which are as follows : A t 1 5 O vapour pressure = 2 mm. At 78" vapour pressure= 9 " A t 100' vapour pressure = 20.5 "
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