Free amino acid profile of Bubalus bubalis L. meat from the Campania region

Nicola Landi, Antonella M. A. Di Giuseppe, Sara Ragucci, Antimo Di Maro
2016 Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia  
In this study, we determined the amount of carnosine and anserine in water buffalo meat without hanging treatment and the free amino acid profile by using amino acid analyser with post-column ninhydrin derivatization procedure. The main free amino acids present in samples were glutamic acid (>60 mg/100 g), followed by alanine, glycine, and arginine. Other protein amino acids were detected in minor amounts (less than 2 mg/100 g). Among the non-protein amine-containing compounds, taurine and urea
more » ... were the most abundant. The analysis showed that 50% of the total free amino acids was represented by dipeptides carnosine (average ~130.3 mg/100 g) and anserine (average ~17.9 mg/100 g). Thus, this study for the first time reports the free amino acids profile of water buffalo meat and the content of carnosine and anserine, potentially involved in the darkening meat process and their ratio, that could be used to estimate the water buffalo meat portion in mixed meat products.
doi:10.1590/s1806-92902016001000008 fatcat:zk7qs7zpszesnhvlddvj46mapy