Peak Hour Load Control & Overcurrent Monitoring System

Reenu George, Harikrishnan, Gladis Zacharia, Neethu Augustine, Asst Professor
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Different methods can be proposed to reduce the power demand and thereby increase the energy efficiency. One of the innovative technique is demand shifting. This project will focus on optimal utilization of available electricity during peak hours. With reduction in consumer load during peak hours, there is an opportunity to improve the load curve and load factor along with saving in energy bill due to the lowering Maximum Demand charges (penalties) during peak hours. This project also addresses
more » ... ject also addresses the problem of developing a wireless diagnostic system for over current monitoring in household appliances. Wherein the high power rated apparatus are linked to the consumers PC to get alerts whenever the appliances are found faulty. This in turn reduces the unwanted increase in electricity bill. Motivated by real examples, we develop new schemes to detect not only fail-stop failure, but obstructed view and moved-location failures that are not the traditional fault detection foci. This paper addresses various communications and optimization based residential energy management schemes and different communication and networking technologies involved in these schemes.