Strategi Menyampaikan Keinginan Kalam Bahasa Jepang: Kajian Hairyo Hyougen

Radhia Elita
2013 Arbitrer  
In interaction, there must be some variations occur due to the variation of social status or age. This might be brought about by situation and condition in communication process. For example is when delivering the desires to ask for time or to ask for dating. Offering tea is one strategy to exprees the desire in Japanesse culture. Indirect speech act commonly well-known as indirect culture (kansetsusei) is a kind of distinctive way of Japanesee people. This indirect speech act is also called
more » ... setsuteki hatsuwa koui. The indirect speach act in airyo hyougen is a strategy used to save interlocutor's face.
doi:10.25077/ar.1.1.75-87.2013 fatcat:kza4ftueffhsbhoyowq6adqc2m