B.P. Sormani
1916 The Lancet  
IN the hay-fever season of last year I had an opportunity of observing the results of vaccination or active immunisation with extract of pollen in 48 cases. These patients included three whose cases I dealt with in a previous paper Noon, who, like Dunbar, considered hay fever a toxic disease, treated the patients before the hayfever season arrived with the toxin itself by applying an extract of the pollen. Though this is a prophylactic vaccination he yet applied the treatment according to Sir
more » ... according to Sir Almroth Wright's rules of therapeutic vaccination. He fixed the quantity of each dose in accordance with the resistance of the patient against the toxin, measuring this quantitatively by the ophthalmo-reaction of Elliotson and proposed to begin with a dose of one-third of the number of units representing the resistance. The succeeding dosage was then settled in accordance with the altered resistance. After Noon's death Freeman, who continued his work, prepared the extract by a method similar to
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)52967-5 fatcat:43blgm42fbgqvb4t6erhsohcr4