Study on a Load Classification Conveyor

Long Huang, No. 713 Research Institute of CSIC, Zheng Zhou, China
2019 International Journal of Materials Mechanics and Manufacturing  
A certain type of conveyor is a widely used material conveying equipment. After a long period of use, some of the equipment are not able to release the lock when it is running. After analysis, the reason is that after the conveyor is loaded; the impact of the lock is increased, which leads to the lock failure over time. In this paper, a load classification conveyor is designed, including the overall design, induction mechanism design, hardware design and software design of the control system.
more » ... rough comparative experiments, the effectiveness of load classification technology in reducing the impact of lock is verified, which has a certain reference value for similar problems.
doi:10.18178/ijmmm.2019.7.2.431 fatcat:van3zabl2rcs3e5gzsabym6xn4