Paweł Bogdański, Danuta Pupek-Musialik, Joanna Dytfeld, Anna Miczke, Wiesław Bryl, Anna Jabłecka, Magdalena Kujawska-Łuczak, Maciej Cymerys, Katarzyna Musialik, Katedra Klinika, Chorób Wewnętrznych, Zaburzeń Metabolicznych (+8 others)
Ocena wybranych wykładników stanu zapalnego u chorych z nadciśnieniem tętniczym i klinicznymi cechami zespołu metabolicznego Assessment of selected markers of inflammation in patients with arterial hypertension and clinical manifestation of metabolic syndrome Summary Background Arterial hypertension is often accompanied by metabolic disorders. Isolated hypertension as well as metabolic syndrome lead to an inflammatory state which is probably responsible for the initiation and progression of
more » ... ro-genesis in these groups of patients. The aim of the study was to evaluate certain markers of inflammatory reaction in patients with hypertension and coexisting metabolic disorders and to examine correlations between grade of inflammatory process and metabolic and biochemical parameters. Materials and methods The study group comprised 44 patients with essential hypertension constituting one of definable component of metabolic syndrome according to ATP III (group I) and 26 persons with hypertension accompanied by only one component of metabolic syndrome (group II). The control group consisted of 12 healthy volunteers. Serum concentration of tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor type 2 (sTNFR2), soluble intercellular adhesion molecule (sICAM-1) and fasting insulin were measured. Insulin resisrtance ratio (IRI/G) was calculated. Fat content was evaluated using bioimpedancy method. Results Higher concentrations of sTNFR2 and sICAM 1 were observed in both study groups when compared to the control group. In group I concentrations of both parameters