A3.3 - Solid contact ion selective electrodes (ISE) for applications in life sciences, biotechnology and environmental monitoring – Technology and Performance

M. Stelzle, C. Bieg, K. Fuchsberger, G. Linke, R. Samba, S. Werner, AMA Association For Sensors And Measurement, Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 15, 14059 Berlin, Germany
Multiple applications exist for low-cost solid-contact ion selective electrodes (sc-ISE) in medicine, biotechnology, environmental monitoring, and food production. The objective of this study is to provide technology and demonstrate proof of concept for solid contact sensors that are sensitive, selective, allow for sterilization, exhibit long shelf life and short run-in time, and are biocompatible, biostable and possibly even allow for calibration free operation or in situ recalibration,
more » ... calibration, respectively. We present a novel solid contact technology based on hydrophobic carbon formulations and demonstrate enhanced stability and reduced spread and drift of electrode potentials obtained thereby. Integration of sensor arrays with microfluidics yields a sensor probe intended for multi-modal detection requiring only very small sample volume. In addition, in situ recalibration enabled by microfluidics is anticipated to enable long-term unattended operation in the future. (Suppl. Info: https://datenwolke.nmi.de/index.php/s/cn4XKPozC49p7cJ)
doi:10.5162/sensor2017/a3.3 fatcat:i4cqtqscjrenzbxpfyalfu5at4