State-of-the-Art of High Power Gyro-Devices and Free Electron Masers. Update 2016 (KIT Scientific Reports ; 7735) [report]

Manfred Thumm
This report reviews the current experimental state-of-the-art of megawatt-class gyrotrons for fusion plasma heating. In addition, it summarizes the status of frequency-tunable gyrotrons, multi-megawatt gyrotrons with coaxial resonator, gyrotrons for technological and spectroscopic applications, relativistic gyrotrons, cyclotron-autoresonance-masers, gyroklystrons, gyro-TWT-and gyrotwystron-amplifiers, gyro-BWOs, gyro-harmonic-convertors gyro-peniotrons, magnicons, and free-electron-masers.
doi:10.5445/ksp/1000068193 fatcat:t7zh4llcs5fl7dz6czr4kclubm