Active Power Filter for PV Systems Supplying Power to Non Linear Load

2016 International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology   unpublished
The power quality demand for the typical loads is high so, photovoltaic generation is commonly used now-a-days. Fundamentally, the one PV generator which provides supply to the non linear load is desired to be integrated with a function to get an active power filter. Here, a PV generator, DC/DC boost converter and dc/ac voltage source converter is used. So that the system may also be called as three phase three wire systems. The grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) generator has the ability to
more » ... the ability to generate power from clean energy resources. By using a maximum power point tracking controller, the dc/dc boost converter is connected to the dc output voltage of PV arrays to increase their produced energy. The DC/AC voltage source converter (VSC) is then connected to that converter to make the PV system push electric power to the AC utility. The MATLAB tool is used to simulate the project and helps to prove the resultant system can implant the maximum power from PV unit concurrently and commit the harmonic current drawn by nonlinear loads.