Poly(Ethylene Oxide)-block-Polysulfone-block-Poly(Ethylene Oxide) / Poly(ether-block-amide) Composite Membrane for Carbon Dioxide Separation Thesis by

Adekunle Omoniyi
2012 unpublished
Polyethylene Oxide-block-Polysulfone-block-Polyethylene Oxide / poly(ether-block-amide) Composite Membrane for Carbon Dioxide Separation. Adekunle Lawrence Omoniyi This research study describes the gas separation performance of different sets of Polyethyleneoxide-block-Polysulfone-block-Polyethyleneoxide/poly(ether-block-amide) (PEO-b-PSU-b-PEO/Pebax) composite membranes for CO 2 separation from N 2 and CH 4. Gas permeation properties of the membranes prepared were studied at ambient
more » ... (21 o C) and 8bar. The dependence of gas flux and selectivity on pressure was explored for different pressures from 2.5 bar up to 19 bar also at ambient temperature. Pebax/PAN composite membranes have a range of CO 2 permeance of 4467±274 GPU, 365±64 GPU for CH 4 and 152±17 GPU for N 2 with CO 2 /N 2 and CO 2 /CH 4 selectivities ranges of 30 and 13 respectively. Improved CO 2 /N 2 and CO 2 /CH 4 selectivities coupled with flux reduction were obtained from the introduction of PEO-b-PSU-b-PEO films on Pebax/PAN composite membranes. The gas flux reduced to about one-tenth of Pebax/PAN membrane's while the selectivities obtained for all the PEO-b-PSU-b-PEO/Pebax/PAN membrane range from 33 to 60 for CO 2 /N 2 and 17 to 33 for CO 2 /CH 4 as the thickness of PEO-b-PSU-b-PEO top layer increases. 4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS