Exploring the impact of conversational strategies on user search experience in goal-oriented tasks in a voice-only domain [thesis]

Mateusz Dubiel
zopardi. Martin, thank you for your continued encouragement and faith in my abilities, your mentorship made the successful completion of this project possible and helped me to become a better researcher in the process. Leif, thank you for your keen interest in my work, for challenging my ideas and reminding me that each research problem can be approached from many different angles. A big thanks goes to my friend and fellow-researcher Dr Damien Anderson for being an excellent wizard and offering
more » ... feedback that helped to improve this work. I would like to thank all the members of DASSI and SiSRG, and their respective founders, Dr Mark Dunlop and Prof. Ian Ruthven. Both groups were great forums for discussions that fostered the development of this PhD. To Prof. Simon King, thank you for being a great teacher and a source of inspiration. Additionally, I am grateful to Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi and Prof. Minoru Nakayama who hosted me during my research visits. Your guidance during my placements contributed to my personal growth and helped me to broaden my research horizons. I am much indebted to my friends and fellow denizens of the Livingstone Tower. These include. Amine for his ever-optimistic outlook on life. David for his enthusiasm and help with recruitment of participants. Diane for scenic walks in Ardrossan. Dominika for her support and great taste in movies. Linda for our chatty runs and informative stats tutorials. Mohammed for many coffee breaks. Niall for helping me to improve my writing. Olivia for her inspiring stories and reading my manuscripts. Revathy for her composure and always being ready to help. Vasilis for his upbeat personality and many discussions about conversational agents. Zuzanna for being able to see the bright side and cheering me up. Alessandra and Pilar for being fantastic co-authors. Sylvain for always having time for me, constantly helping me to improve my work, for many great hiking trips and research collaborations. My sister and my parents have always been there for me. Lena, thank you for believing in me. Dad, thank you for always encouraging me to learn new things and for introducing me to the Amiga 500, our first 'speaking computer'. Mom, thank you for teaching me how to appreciate the beauty of this world and for your emotional support. This one is for you guys! 'Here I will say only that world injected its patterns into human language at very inception of that language, mathematics sleeps in every utterance and can only be discovered, never invented.' Stanis law Lem, 'His Master's Voice' -To my family v A Participant Information Sheets and Consent Forms A.1 Information Sheet for Study 1 .
doi:10.48730/vgfp-ah87 fatcat:d3ehaaoy6nguzlz3lbstg6iekq