Mobile enabled bus tracking and ticketing system

Suresh Sankarananrayanan, Paul Hamilton
2014 2014 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT)  
Due to immense development in technology, every field is making the best use of technology so why not our public bus transportation. Today's transportation system still uses the traditional ways for ticketing. Also people need to stand in queues for long hours. Therefore user needs a smart system which provides real time information of bus and gives an easy way to purchase a ticket. So we proposed a new android application which overcomes the disadvantages of the current public transportation
more » ... ic transportation system. Our application will handle all the data like current location of bus, punching of bus-passes having QR code, On-time ticketing using E-wallet or cash Ticket generation with the help of Blue-tooth printing. The real time tracking of bus can be done by our proposed system and this information is then given to remote user. Technologies like QR-Code (Quick Response code), Blue-tooth printing, GPS (Global Positioning System), Cloud, E-wallet are used for development purpose. Our system provides an Android application, which gives bus pass with QR code, real time location of bus to user. punched into the Database. The Existing system still uses the non efficient way of ticketing. We will be providing Bluetooth Printer for Easy On-time Ticketing. As the entire data will be saved on a Firebased cloud, it will be helpful for the Bus Organization in the future for increasing the use of public transportation. Related Work GPS is more popular technology which is used in many applications. This existing system gives information about vehicle position and route travelled by vehicle and this information can be monitor from any remote place or location. This system depends on GPS technology. And also there is no application depending on mobile device to track and get a real time and current view of target or vehicle.
doi:10.1109/icoict.2014.6914108 fatcat:2v3rtocyyzcblmejys5o45izzi