Perlindungan Lanskap Perkebunan Tembakau Deli di Tanah Deli

Rafiqi Rafiqi, Marsella Marsella
2021 Jurnal Ilmiah Penegakan Hukum  
Deli Tobacco is the first plantation in East Sumatra. The success of Jacobus Nienhuys in planting Deli Tobacco on Deli land. The history of plantations in East Sumatra begins. At the present time, Deli Tobacco plantations are in decline. If viewed from the history of the specialty, Deli Tobacco is a pioneer of plantations in East Sumatra. Deli Tobacco Plantation as a cultural heritage is necessary to protect and maintain the landscape. Research Objectives To determine the decline in Deli
more » ... production and solutions to maintain and protect Deli Tobacco. The research method using normative juridical nature. The results of this study are Deli tobacco is a characteristic and pioneer of plantations in the land of Deli. In 1863 Jacobus Nienhuys succeeded in growing high quality cigar wrapping tobacco. However, over time Deli Tobacco production began to decline due to land occupation factors, changes in spatial planning, landscape, nationalization and social revolution. If there are no comprehensive steps, it is feared that Deli Tobacco will only remain in history according to Law No. 11 of 2010 concerning Cultural Conservation. Deli tobacco is classified as a Cultural Conservation Object, as a heritage and historical meaning
doi:10.31289/jiph.v8i2.5064 fatcat:u57lt27znrgl3bjijbxi3gnakm