Dimension-Six Proton Decays in the Modified Missing Doublet SU(5) Model

J. Hisano, Y. Nomura, T. Yanagida
1997 Progress of theoretical physics  
Dimension-five operators for nucleon decays are suppressed in the modified missing doublet (MMD) model in the supersymmetric SU(5) grand unification. We show that nonrenormalizable interactions decrease the unification scale in the MMD model which increases the nucleon decay rate of dimension-six operators by a significant amount. We find that the theoretical lower bound on the proton life time $\tau(p \to \e^+ \pi^0)$ is within the observable range at SuperKamiokande.
doi:10.1143/ptp.98.1385 fatcat:yhovmnxvrbcrdfq7ne6f5km3h4