Comparative Analysis of a Hydraulic Servo-Valve

Lorenzo Pace, Marco Ferro, Federico Fraternale, Matteo Dalla Vedova, Antonio Caimano, Paolo Maggiore
2013 International Journal of Fluid Power  
The aim of this work was to obtain the correct hydraulic proprieties of a hydraulic spool servo-valve using computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) techniques and adopting an accurate enough mesh to analyse the flow pattern inside the valve. The zones where thickening of the mesh is necessary have been detected and a method to generate the mesh, based on Reynolds numbers and spool stroke, has successfully been used to minimize computational resources. A comparison with numerical and experimental
more » ... lts (Dong and Ueno, 1999) confirms the accurate description of the behaviour of the valve. The results have been compared with the theoretical behaviour, through a 1D multi-physics model simulation, in order to understand in which conditions the theoretical model is not able to describe the valve properties carefully enough and a more accurate CFD model should be used. As CFD analysis requires high computational resources, a method to improve 1D model accuracy through CFD techniques has been proposed, so that after a preliminary CFD analysis of the valve, it would be possible to analyse a whole hydraulic system with a 1D model.
doi:10.1080/14399776.2013.10781075 fatcat:qab7gukqlrgrnpsalk6f2dlnru