Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in Open Recirculating Cooling Water System of Petroleum Refinery by Thiourea and Imidazole in Presence of Zinc (II) Sulphate

Pradip Kumar Gogoi, Bedobrat Barhai
2010 International Journal of Chemistry  
The inhibiting action of thiourea and imidazole towards corrosion for carbon steel in open recirculating cooling system (ORCS) of Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) , Golaghat , Assam,India has been studied in presence of Zn 2+ (as ZnSO 4 .7H 2 O) by weight loss and potentiodynamic polarization methods. The values of inhibition efficiency from weight loss method are in good agreement with those obtained from polarization studies. Polarization study indicates that imidazole retards the cathodic
more » ... ards the cathodic corrosion reaction where as thiourea inhibits anodic corrosion reaction in these particular blends of inhibitors. SEM and EDS study confirm the formation of an adsorbed protective film on the carbon steel surface.
doi:10.5539/ijc.v2n2p138 fatcat:mktud37dbrebzdoeiproeyajwy