Visualisierung von Metamodellen im Rahmen der Open-Model-Initiative

Peter Hirsch
2011 unpublished
The Open Model Initiative has the agenda to establish a platform, where (reference-)models are publicly available to everyone. Inspired by the ambition of Open-Source, the aim is to avoid redundant model development processes and thus minimizing development cost. An additional goal is to establish a versatile community which solves modelling-problems in a collaborative and distributed way. Each model is based on a modeling language, which is described by a metamodel. In the beginning of each
more » ... el development cycle an adequate modelling-language must be selected. In order to support a developer in selecting the best fitting modeling language for his problem, this master-thesis covers the subject of browser-based visualization for metamodels. To this end, a concept is created, how a metamodel can attractively be visualized on a browser and therefore provide an uncomplicated overview about the existing metamodels to developers. This master-thesis is composed of two major parts, the closer theoretical examination of the science topic and the conceptual and prototypical development of the "Metamodel-Browser". At the beginning of the theoretical part, an epistemological reference frame is established. This frame should guarantee that all readers of this master-thesis nearly interpret the statements in the same way. Next, the most important terms and definitions of the science topic are described and discussed, followed by a description of the Open Model Initiative and its Community, which is the most important addressee of this master-thesis. At the end of the theoretical part actual rich internet technologies are analyzed and the best fitting technology will be selected for the implementation of the prototype (Adobe Flex). The development part describes the conceptual and prototypical construction of the Metamodel-Browser. First the application design will be modeled in a graphical tool. Next, the Adobe development chain for Rich Internet Applications is presented with a focus on the Flash-Catalyst-Tool to demonstrat [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.15352 fatcat:jdv7ouzxa5bwtmwk2pprfe2agm