Development of ion chromatography methods for the determination of trace anions in ultra pure water from power plants

Dragana Cickaric, Ivana Dersek-Timotic, Antonije Onjia, Ljubinka Rajakovic
2005 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society  
A suppressed ion chromatography (IC) technique, using a carbonate/hydrogen carbonate or a hydroxide eluent, has been evaluated as a monitoring tool for the detection of major anions (F -, Cl -, NO 3 -, PO 4 3and SO 4 2-) in ultra pure water and condensed steam from thermal power plants. An electrical conductivity detector with an anion-exchange column (IonPac AS14), an auto self-regenerating suppressor (ASRS), and an isocratic high-pressure pump system were used for the detection of low
more » ... tion of low concentrations of inorganic anions. It was shown that the suppressed IC technique provides a suitable means for preventing possible damage to generating equipment in power plants. The detection limits of the method for the anions of interest were < 0.3 mg/L.
doi:10.2298/jsc0507995c fatcat:qzlu7jijrjbazegdhpyjqbgq3a