A Quasi-Steady State Model of a Solar Parabolic Dish Micro Gas Turbine Demonstration Plant

Michela Lanchi, Jafar Al-Zaili, Valeria Russo, Massimo Falchetta, Marco Montecchi, Lukas Aichmayer
2022 Energies  
In the framework of the European Optimised Microturbine Solar Power system (OMSoP) project, a novel energy system for solar electricity production was developed, based on the integration of the solar dish technology with Micro Gas Turbines (MGT). A pilot plant with a capacity of 5–7 kWe was realized and installed at the ENEA Casaccia site (Rome) and went under testing to validate the feasibility of the technology and improve the current design. The present work deals with the development of a
more » ... asi-state system model, built in the Engineering Equation Solver environment, composed of different modules that correspond to the main system components. The system model was used to define the optimal system parameters, to help the elaboration on an operational strategy to maximize the overall plant efficiency, and to guide the improvement of the single components in view of their optimised design. From the analysis it emerged that the system in design conditions is able to generate, in nominal conditions, 4.5 kWe instead of the expected 5 kWe due to the limitation of the stator current to 13 A, while maximum levels of 5.6 kW could be achieved by "overcharging" the high-speed generator up to 15 A and operating the MGT at the very high speed of 150 krpm. From the transient simulation of the demo system on an annual basis, the maximum average output power is 3.58 kWe. Regarding the cycle efficiency, the annual averaged value is about 17%, whereas the target value is 21%. The improvement of the generator only does not seem to significantly increase the power output on the annual basis (3.75 kWe vs. 3.58 kWe). Differently, the improvement of the solar dish, with the upgrade of the other system components, would significantly increase the system power output to around ~10 kWe.
doi:10.3390/en15031059 fatcat:3upcarvcb5d5dogyd33r46tylu