A simplified method to determine the first primary drying and wetting curves of water diffusivity of unsaturated soil

A. Sommella, A. Comegna, M. Palladino, A. Coppola
2013 Journal of Agricultural Engineering  
Within the framework of a research project examining the spatial variability of hydraulic characteristics of soil intended for irrigation, some of the more frequently used analytical expressions describing the laws linking diffusivity D to the water content of the soil 􀀅 were verified. By studying the flow field of soil samples tested in the laboratory, under one-dimensional wetting and drying cycles, it has been found that the laws of hydraulic diffusivity of the exponential types can be
more » ... types can be ascribed to them. Finally, a simplified laboratory method was proposed which, with the aid of nomographs, allows the definition of the law D(􀀅) to be easily arrived at.
doi:10.4081/jae.2013.410 fatcat:bmcivqqu3jfnrf7bvapymrceg4