Self-Consistent Coupled Multiple-Scattering Equations for Particle-Particle and Particle-Hole Interactions

H. Bando
1980 Progress of theoretical physics  
The 3p1h (3h1p) and 2p2h multiple scattering equations for renormalizing the p-p(h-h) and p-h interactions respectively are formulated as a self-consistent coupled equation by incorporating the nesting of the interaction vertices. A schematic model is employed to study the qualitative aspect of the interaction renormalization. The effect of the selfconsistent nesting yields significant stabilization of the renormalization through reduction of the important p-h interaction. Instabilization can
more » ... stabilization can be induced by the self-consistent nesting if p-p interactions dominate p-h interactions.
doi:10.1143/ptp.64.1668 fatcat:d7jplhrlyneodlrdn472zhtns4