Exploration of a Hybrid Locomotion Robot

Jeffrey B. Webb, Wayne W. Walter
2007 Volume 9: Mechanical Systems and Control, Parts A, B, and C   unpublished
In this work, a hybrid locomotion robotic platform is evaluated. This system combines the benefits of both rolling and walking, with the intent on having the ability to traverse variable terrain. A quadruped leg-wheeled robot was designed, built, and tested. Experimental trials were conducted to demonstrate the overall feasibility of the design. Finally, important conclusions about the effectiveness and value of hybrid locomotion were reached. Posture control is specifically identified as an
more » ... identified as an effective area with great potential. ii Acknowledgements First and foremost, I wish to thank my parents. Their unwavering support made everything possible. They were always there throughout my scholastic endeavors. I sincerely thank Dr. Walter for his support, dedication, and knowledge. His advising pushed me to achieve goals I previously thought were not possible. Likewise, Dr. Hensel, Dr. Phillips, and Dr. Crassidis were always willing and able to answer questions along the way. I would also like to thank the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The faculty provided me with the skills necessary to achieve many personal and professional goals. A special thank you to the staff in the Mechanical Engineering Office. Sheila Garwood, Connie LaBarre, and Diane Selleck were instrumental in my positive experience and outcome. Thanks to Rob Kraynik, Steve Kosciol, and Dave Hathaway in the Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop, whose knowledge and patients made this project physically possible.
doi:10.1115/imece2007-41657 fatcat:h2ihl5bb3re5ja32hjzoihcfju