Technology-Assisted Teaching Aids in Teaching and Learning: Evidence from the Malaysian Tahfiz Ulul Albab Model (TMUA)

The use of state-of-the-art teaching aids in teaching and learning activities (T&L) had been proven in enhancing teachers' teaching effectiveness in the classroom. This study aims to examine the level of technology usage among teachers and students in the Tahfiz Ulul Albab Model (TMUA) program as well as teachers' perception on technology usage among teachers in the TMUA program based on 21st Century In-Service Training (LADAP PAK21). A total of 30 teachers and 100 students were selected as
more » ... ondents in this study. Data analysis was performed using Statistical For Social Science (SPSS) Version 22.0 software. The findings show that the level of technology-assisted teaching aids usage is moderate to high. However, there is no difference among teachers who follow LADAP PAK21 towards technology-assisted teaching aids usage. The findings of this study show that although teachers have a positive perception of the importance of u technology usage, the level of usage is still at a moderate level. This shows that the level of awareness and encouragement in the usage of technology-assisted teaching aids needs to be increased.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.l3915.1081219 fatcat:yarknb2wrbbuhmtjfestghorl4