Over-expression of JcSEUSS1 from Jatropha curcas Induces the Accumulation of Anthocyanin in Leaves

Jingxian Wang, Xin Ming, Yanbin Tao, Mingyong Tang, Zengfu Xu
2022 Molecular Plant Breeding  
Anthocyanins are a class of important secondary metabolites in plants and play important roles in photoprotection and antioxidation. In this study, we cloned the JcSEUSS1 gene from Jatropha curcas. Sequence alignment indicates JcSEUSS1 contains a highly conserved LIM domain, and the sequence of JcSEUSS1 is similar to other SEUSS proteins. The expression pattern of JcSEUSS1 in different organs of Jatropha plants was analyzed by real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR, and it was found that the
more » ... ne was expressed in all tissues. Furthermore, JcSEUSS1 over-expression significantly promoted the accumulation of anthocyanin in leaves of Jatropha. The expression of chalketone synthase (JcCHS) and chalketone isomerase (JcCHI), which are involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis, were significantly up-regulated in JcSEUSS1-transgenic lines. Our results indicate that JcSEUSS1 may positively regulate the anthocyanin synthesis in leaves of Jatropha.
doi:10.5376/mpb.2022.13.0010 fatcat:4bzum5gxkreh7gowv23aykmcva