Further development with heavy ion sources at Brookhaven National Laboratory's Tandem van de Graaff Facility

M.J. Zarcone, D.B. Steski, K.S. Smith, P. Thieberger
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
The Ion Source Test and Development Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory's Tandem Van de Graaff Facility has been evaluating the Peabody Scientific [I] PSX-120 negative ion cesium sputter source for use as the source of pulsed negative ion beams for injection of the Brookhaven synchrotrons. The decrease in emittance due to the use of a spherical ionizer, as recently reported [2], may lead to improved brightness of the beam injected into the MP Tandem resulting in improved beam output.
more » ... beam output. Emittance measurements with the PSX-120 are presented for dc beams and some of the first pulsed beam results are also discussed. The signals from the wires are fed into a standard HITLiAGS instrumentation package [8] for processing and display on an oscilloscope. These electronics are capable of reading all four sets of fourteen wires but sampling was usually done in the horizontal plane on one harp at a time. The observed profile of positive currents for the negative ion beam is due to the secondary electron emission from those wires that intercept the ion beam superimposed onto the profile of the electrons picked up as 'cross-talk' from one wire to the adjacent ones.
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.309592 fatcat:oxmycmyvmzg7nnyyquqlbi3bdu