Effects of Surface Cover and Soil Amendments on the NPS load Reduction from Alpine Fields
고랭지 밭의 비점오염부하 저감을 위한 지표피복재와 토양개량제의 효과

Chul-Hee Won, Min-Hwan Shin, Su-In Lee, Dong-Hyuk Kum, Kyoung-Jae Lim, Joong-Dae Choi
2014 Journal of The Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers  
We investigated the effect of straw mat cover and soil amendments on the reduction of runoff, non-point source pollution load and yield of a Chinese cabbage from alpine fields. Two plots on sandy loam soil were prepared. Experimental treatments were control and rice straw mat cover (3,300 kg/ha)+Polyacrylamide (PAM) (5 kg/ha)+Gypsum (1 ton/ha) (SPG). A variety of Chinese cabbage was cultivated and runoff was monitored during a growing season in 2012. Monitoring was conducted to seven times.
more » ... to seven times. Runoff rate of SPG plot was lower than those of control plot. The reduction rate of runoff from SPG plot was 29.4 % compared to control plot. The reduction rate of suspended solids (SS), total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP) load of SPG plot was 86.5 %, 34.7 % and 39.1 %, respectively. Yield of a Chinese cabbage from SPG plot (39,646 kg/ha) was greater than that of control plots (28,482 kg/ha). It was concluded that the use of SPG on soil surface could not only reduce the NPS pollution loads in receiving waters but also help increase the crop yield.
doi:10.5389/ksae.2014.56.3.047 fatcat:abb2awsd65ezthtn7h7pwmzy7i