Synthese der Alkaloide Botryllazin B und (4-Hydroxyphenyl)-[4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-imidazol-2-yl]methanon sowie Synthese von Brevicollinderivaten

Alexei Lyssenko
The pyrazine- and imidazole-derivatives, whose synthesis was studied in the following, contain to a class of natural occurring alkaloids which were first isolated from the red ascidian Botryllus leachi by Duran et al..1 The authors described furthermore some - in particular specific - cytotoxicity against four tumor cell lines. In order to obtain these alkaloids on a synthetic route and to get more information on the respective pharmacological activities, the natural occurring alkaloid
more » ... g alkaloid structures of botryllazine B (1) 2-(p-hydroxybenzoyl)-4-(p-hydroxyphenyl)imidazole (2) were synthesized.
doi:10.5283/epub.10172 fatcat:fnxtqtxwnrf2napf7zr5hxtr6u